Cause of Teeth Yellowing :

Yellowing of teeth is the second most common dental problem after bad breath. Before going for treatment whe should know the cause of the problem. Yellow teeth may be due to two basic reasons 1. Internal and 2. External.

  1. Internal :   This type of yellowness of teeth occurs due to thinning of enamel layer. Actually our tooth is made of two basic component of hard tissue   1. Dentin : which is yellow and 2. Enamel which is white. Our teeth appears white due to Enamel layer of teeth. Enamel cover the visible portion of tooth in mouth and is present over the dentin layer. When Enamel is thin dark yellowish shade of dentin is visible over the tooth and they appear yellow. Now the thin of Enamel may also be caused by two factors.   1. Genetic – This is the manufacturing defect which occurs during Enamel  formation. Thin Enamel layer is formed due to lack of calcium or as a result of disease or drug side effect during the process of Enamel formation. we cant control that. 2. Environmental – which is caused by vigorous and hard brushing with a hard tooth brush. Enamel layer wear off resulting in thinning of Enamel.
  2. External : This type of yellowness is caused by external coloring agents like coffee, Tea, Berries and soya sauce etc. These products when used in excess, they causes external deposit over the tooth surface resulting in colored tooth.


Now when we know the exact cause of our tooth yellowness. We can treat it better.

  • Internal :  Yellowness due to thinning of enamel can be corrected by veneers only. Veneering will be the long lasting process. Small defects over tooth surface or change in shape can also be hided through veneering. Tooth whitening will be short term treatment which last in  month not years. Tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide can damage permanently to the remaining enamel which is already thin. Hydrogen peroxide whitening of such teeth may leads to permanent sensitivity which leads to root canal treatment of teeth to get rid or sensitivity. So for thinned put enamel veneering is the best option whatever be the reason of enamel thinning. Chemical tooth whitening is not recommended in such cases.
  • External : Yellowness due to external deposits or coloring agent are best taken care by Tooth whitening systems. You can have a brilliant white smile. Tooth Whitening will safely lighten the color of teeth, reduces discoloration and staining.
    Process :
    Now you can get your teeth whitening by two means: 1. Home Bleaching and 2. Office Bleaching

Home Bleaching :

Home bleaching solutions are products that contain peroxide that bleaches the tooth enamel. You can use these gels in a custom made trays only to work better. Applying with sticks or small brush over tooth surface as recommended by some company is not recommended by us. Because the gel contains peroxide which is very toxic to gums and soft tissue. Any leakage to gums or cheek may damage your gums permanently. So we don’t recommend you to use them with brushes or sticks. We recommend you to go to your dentist and ask them to make a custom made tray for bleaching for your mouth. He will take an impression of your jaw and will send it to lab where these trays are made. you can collect them from your dentist. And don’t forget to ask how to use them and how much quantity of gel should be use and how long. Whats the frequency they can be used. If you know each thing about your custom trays and side effects of peroxide you will use them wisely without hurting yourself. You can ask your dentist which product should be used and which is best suited for your teeth. Please don’t go by company marketing rule , they don’t bother about your gums but we are.

Office Bleaching :

Home bleaching and the Office bleaching Both the processes are same. The basic difference lies in the concentration of Peroxide used in form of gel. In home bleaching  peroxide concentrations ranges from 2% -10%. Office bleaching gel consist of 32% peroxide. Dentist will make a custom tray for your mouth fitting snugly over your teeth. He will apply a gingival barrier to prevent accidental leakage of gel to gums to prevent damages. Then  he will apply gel to custom tray and will place it to your teeth for 40 -60 minutes. He keeps on eye during the process and removes excessive saliva coming inside the mouth. After 40-60 minutes he will remove the tray and barrier and wash the teeth thoroughly to clean the mouth from remaining gel. To get the desired result 3-6 sittings may be necessary.

The Key to Success of Home Bleaching :

Home bleaching or “take-home” whitening process starts with a dentist taking an impression of your mouth to make your own custom-fitted mouth trays. The trays are tried on to make sure they fit correctly, then our dentist will prescribe you a solution of carbamide peroxide to use at home for a period of time.

Advantages & Disadvantages Home Bleaching


  1. You can control the degree of whiteness by yourself. Need more. Do more.
  2. This is the most economical method.


  1. This procedure will require two visits to our office.
  2. The duration of treatment will be in 1-4 weeks.
  3. Home bleaching takes more time the In office bleaching.
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